Why Your DIY Electrical Work is Illegal

When faced with certain electrical emergencies, many residents of Adelaide are likely to resort to DIY electrical work in resolving the problem instead of hiring an emergency electrician in Adelaide. There are many risks involved in DIY electrical work. There are the practical risks such as electrocution, burns or even hazardous electrical standards that you could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Then there are the legal and insurance risks. By doing DIY electrical work without any electrical qualifications or licensing, you are actually breaking the law.  Additionally, insurance companies are unlikely to pay you compensation if they determine that you did the electrical work yourself or hire an unqualified and unlicensed “electrician” who did the job without even issuing a compliance certificate.

What the law says

Australian law is quite clear that all electrical work must be handled by a qualified and licensed electrician. If you are dealing with electrical emergencies, you have to hire an emergency electrician in Adelaide to do the job.  Australian law is generally quite tough on DIYers as well as amateurs and you are likely to pay very heavy fines. Generally, you are not supposed to handle any job that goes beyond changing the bulbs.

In most Australian states and territories, the requirement is that homeowners must get a compliance certificate every time electrical work is performed in their homes by tradies.  This certificate will serve as a guarantee that the emergency electrician in Adelaide has performed the task in compliance with Australian standards. That means that if there is any defective work performed by the electrician, you are adequately covered.

In some Australian states, an electrical license is required for pretty much for all kinds of electrical wiring work on your premises, whether residential, commercial or industrial. This is a requirement regardless of the scope or cost of the work. In certain states such as Queensland, a person can face up two years in jail or pay a fine of up to $100,000 if they perform an illegal electrical work that results in death or any serious injuries. If illegal electrical work results in multiple deaths, the fine is $200,000 or up to 3 years in prison.

If you are a DIYer trying out your electrical engineering skills on your premises, it is illegal for you to do any of the following electrical work:

·         Replacement of a light switch

·         Installation of new electrical power points

·         Changing the location of an electrical power point

·         Carrying out repairs on electrical appliances

·         Installing an extension lead

·         Carrying out replacements of plugs at the end of leads

·         Replacing a light fitting that has a ceiling fan

However, homeowners are not entirely locked out of handling everything electrical. There are certain basic electrical tasks that are permitted to undertake. These include the following:

·         Installation of pond pumps as well as garden lighting

·         Replacements of the drive belts in the washing machines

·         Installing smoke detectors that are battery-operated

·         Fitting electrical wall ovens inside kitchen cabinets but not connecting them

·         Cutting openings of AC units but not connecting them

Why take the risk? Hire an emergency electrician Adelaide has today and solve all your electrical issues.

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The Top Three Functions of Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors handle several kinds of tasks for any project in a home. A simple job can be handled with only one visit, as oftentimes happens with a residential service call. However, a more challenging task might need substantial supplies to be obtained and for the work to be completed or rescheduled to another day altogether. Electrical contractors Brisbane offers can carry out a survey of needs for a particular project and recommend an appropriate action. The most popular requests for work which electricians receive are explained below.

electrical contractors Brisbane

Projects of Renovation and Remodelling

Electrical work is involved oftentimes, whether carrying out extensive renovation of an older residence or simply performing improvement of a modern home. Converting a bedroom into home office qualifies as a remodelling job. Tasks such as this might involve conducting upgrades like replacing an outdated or unsafe wiring to introducing entirely new fixtures into a building. Older homes were normally constructed using few electrical outlets. As such, it might be necessary creating more outlets when remodelling a particular house. Electrical contractors in Brisbane are capable of handling this task well.

Residential Services for Owners of Homes

Homeowners eventually require performing certain kinds of electrical maintenance in their homes. It could be maintaining internal or outdoor lighting, simply installing new chandeliers and ceiling fans or even installation of new lights within the walkway along with other outdoor accent lights. Brisbane electrical contractors can perform such tasks in expedited manner.

Upgrade of electrical panels is yet another common residential service which homeowners require handled. Older panels are unable to handle the power which modern homes need and lack the space necessary for adding extra circuits. The only option in such cases for the electrical contractors Brisbane avails is installing a new and upgraded panel.

Natural disasters at times damage wiring or fixtures when they occur. It is vital especially for the homeowner to take proper precautions of safety following such a disaster and seek for professional assistance.    Check out http://www.positive-power.com.au/industrial-commercial-electrical-contractors-brisbane-ipswich-seventeen-mile-rocks/

New Construction Projects

Carrying out new construction wiring is possibly the most common request for service which qualified electrical contractors get. A new construction can either be residential or commercial. The best electrical contractors Brisbane has are equipped to carry out the entire wiring schemes for a building. It includes both the interior and exterior lighting and fixtures. Construction projects of this nature can take several months or even years to complete, depending upon the building-scale requirements.

Electricians in certain cases receive calls for initial consultation before carrying out construction of a given building. The builder receives input during these consultations regarding the overall electrical plan together with energy-efficient planning. These professionals work in harmony towards creating the best possible kind of layout for the project at hand. They attain this goal while working within the budget proposed. Read more at Positive Power

You can go ahead to call a local contractor for help if in need of any support with the electrical services mentioned above. Ensure making sufficient consultations with the electrical contractors Brisbane has today to ensure knowing exactly what needs to be done for your project.

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Your Trusted Guide to Picking Samsung Printer Repair Experts

The need to keep printers in top form cannot be overemphasized if your company is involved in high-volume printing. Honestly, printers that act up can disrupt your business and cause losses when not fixed in time and the problem in question is not the usual paper jam that your in-house staff may quickly fix. Yet, when you decide to enlist an expert, such as for Samsung printer repairs, it’s possible to identify one that can help keep your equipment working optimally.

Samsung Printer Repairs

Picking the Right Expert

Expertise in printer repair is required when you’re interviewing any prospective provider. For example, if you’re using Samsung printers, then the company you engage with should have a team that’s competent in repairs for that specific model. Keep in mind that every printer model may come with unique parts, functions, features, and even problems that require extensive knowledge and special skills to attend to.

Response Time

If you’re in Sydney, you may prefer same day repairs service and maintenance Sydney and metro experts provide. That’s important, or can your business still thrive well when the printers are acting up for a couple of days? Thus, ask your prospective printer technicians if they have the operational capacity to fix the problem the same day they show up.

While certain issues may take several days to fix, your provider of printer repairs should be able to address the most common complications right away. Simple problems should not even take a whole day to fix! By the way, only enlist people that are mobile enough to come to where you are without you having to move your equipment. If the technicians are able to bring all the needed components with them, that’s even more preferable.

Satisfaction the First Time

Any Samsung printer repairs with efficiency and professionalism ought to consider satisfaction the first time. When a printer breaks down for the same reason a couple of hours or days after repair, it may lead to unanticipated losses. It’s still going to cost you more than necessary, since you’re going to pay twice to fix the same problem. Thus, seek assurances that the experts you hire can provide an accurate diagnosis of the printer problem and a quick, lasting solution.

Long-Term Maintenance

Prevention is way better than cure, so it’s proper to come up with a working printer maintenance program. Rather than rely on printer repairs alone, why not devise a schedule that will prevent problems from arising in the first place? Such an arrangement is not only cheaper in the long-term, but it’ll also prevent disruption to business operations. Keep in mind that scheduled maintenance takes place when you’re ready for it, so there are no disruptive and unexpected emergencies.

Safeguards against possible disruptions are essential for a company that depends on the consistent performance of printers to operate smoothly. If you’re using Samsung printers, and your safeguards include long-term maintenance as well as occasional Samsung printer repairs, make sure that you’re partnering with the right printer technicians for the tasks involved.

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Fantastic Thai Cuisine, Quick!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Thai food?  Without a doubt, it excites your taste buds as food lovers cannot resist the temptation of trying some. Before introducing you to some of the quick Thai meals in various restaurants around the world, it is significant to have some background about Thai culture. Thai culture is rooted on food and Thai people are very generous and show much hospitality. Culturally, people come together to share and eat food. Actually, it is uncommon for a person to eat alone because it is a taboo. For a dish to be Thai authentic, it has to comprise of four seasonings, namely:

–          Spicy

–          Sweet

–          Salty

–          Sour

Also, the dish is not complete without plenty of vegetables and fruits that are evident in their desserts and curries. There are two quick Thai meals, which are famous in the Western world, that is, Spicy and Sour Shrimp Soup (Tom Yum Goong) and Stir-fried noodles (Pad Thai).

Example of Thai meals

One of the various quick Thai meals in the market today is butter chicken recipe.   All you need to make this meal is:

–          1 kg chicken breast fillets (chopped)

–          60g unsalted butter

–          2 garlic cloves (crushed)

–          1 tablespoon vegetable oil

–          125g cashews (roasted)

–          2 teaspoons gram masala

–          2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger

–          1 teaspoon chili powder

–          1 teaspoon ground cumin

–          125ml (1/2 cup) natural yogurt

–          1 teaspoon turmeric

–          1 tablespoon lemon juice

–          1 cinnamon stick

–          425g can tomato puree

–          1 onion (finely chopped)

–          2 teaspoons sweet paprika

–          1 teaspoon ground cardamom

–          1 bay leaf

–          250ml (1 cup) thickened cream

–          150ml Campbell’s Real Stock Chicken

–          Steamed Basmati Rice (to serve)

Method of cooking

–          The first step involves combining garlic, yoghurt, cumin, lemon juice, ginger, garam masala, turmeric and chilli in a bowl. Then add the chicken to the mixture, cover and put in a refrigerator overnight.

–          Process half the cashews using a food processor until they are finely ground.

–          The third step includes heating the butter and oil in a pan on medium heat. Add bay leaf, onion, cinnamon and cardamom and cook for at least 2 minutes until the onion is soft. Lower the heat, add the marinade plus chicken, cashew powder, paprika, stock and tomato puree. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Add the cream and cook for another 10 minutes. Check out Marions Kitchen.

–          Lastly, garnish with chopped coriander, cashews and serve with rice.


In the modern society, people do not have much time to prepare a meal at home. Nevertheless, one gets tired of dining in a restaurant all the time. This calls for a need to learn about easy Thai recipes in the market. They are called ‘easy’ because they are recipes that can be made directly from your kitchen. Most of the ingredients used are locally available, at an affordable cost.

Thai recipes

One point worth noting is that Thai fast recipes cater for all people with different preferences. Even if you are not a fan of flesh, there are fantastic vegetarian Thai recipes that will leave you with pleasant memories.

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How a Debt Agreement Works

It is not uncommon to be in financial crisis once in a while. Most people find they are unable to be financially afloat after losing a job, falling ill and spending lots of money on treatment, taking a loan for a given business venture that does not pick up or having a pay cut if the employing company is experiencing financial troubles. When this happens, it can be very difficult for an individual to meet daily obligations – forcing them to be in debts. Good news however, is, one can enter into a debt agreement with creditors who will accept a given amount of money that a debtor can afford.

A debt agreement is legally binding between a debtor and creditors. The two parties have to stick to the agreement and one side can lodge complaints if the other does not honor it. The debtor is given the chance to pay a sum of money they can afford or based on their ability to pay. But not everyone qualifies for debt agreement since only eligible debtors get considered. To be eligible, one must be;

  1. Insolvent or unable to pay all their debts.
  2. Not been bankrupt for the last ten years.
  3. Have debts that are not secured.

When an individual is in this kind of situation, they can enter into a debt agreement to have all provable unsecured debts frozen as soon as their proposals are accepted by creditors. At least this gives them ample time to pay at a manageable pace. Contact Debt Helpline if in need of an agent to help write paperwork.

Preparing paperwork for a debt agreement can be a difficult task for someone who has not done it before. Good news is; there are people who are ready to help someone with the process as well as provide relevant documents and information that are needed. This is what is done;

  1. An individual decides to submit a proposal for debt agreement.
  2. They enlist the help of a company.
  3. They provide relevant information to the company to help prepare paperwork.
  4. An individual is provided with necessary documents and information to assist the agent to draw paperwork.
  5. A debtor provides some documents including bank statements, bank slips, mortgage payments and proof of rent payments.
  6. The debtor reads the paperwork as soon as it is finalized then signs it after approval.
  7. The agent sends this to FSA or Financial Security Authority. The proposal is to be submitted within 14 days from the time it is signed.
  8. FSA processes the proposal after it has been assessed, checked for eligibility and confirmed that all documentation has been completed.
  9. The FSA writes to the creditors, telling them that their client has requested a debt agreement proposal. Copies of the proposal, as well as explanatory statements, are sent to the creditors.

Most people faced by tough financial times often ask, “How does a debt agreement work?” A debt agreement works for the best interest of the debtor and the creditor. An individual who cannot pay their debts as agreed previously is a good candidate for a debt agreement.

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Powerful Online Business Presence with SEO and Web Design Service

SEO, known as search engine optimization is a renowned technique implemented into websites and blogs to get higher traffic and rankings. The competitive business environment has increased the demand to form, maintain and fortify online presence. That is why, online business owners are looking for experienced SEO and web design service providers that can meet their specific needs at cost-effective prices. Do you wish to create a strong online presence and outshine the competitors? Consider hiring the top rated SEO Company on Yelp. Before you plan to promote your site, make sure it is attractive, interesting and engaging to catch the attention of the visitors. Next, you have to ensure that your website is able to reach the target audience. Here comes the necessity of SEO and web design service to make your site search engine user-friendly.

The Purpose & Benefits of Web Design and SEO Service

The main purpose of web design and service providers is that they optimize your site as per search engine guidelines to assure improved traffic and ranking. Once your website is able to achieve top rankings by hiring SEM Company in Chicago, you will be enjoying the following benefits.

  • Multiplies the chance of getting increased traffic towards your site
  • Increased traffic will generate more leads
  • The leads will be converted into sales
  • The visibility on the web will be higher too
  • Improved online branding business
  • Augmented profit through greater sales figures
  • Enriched credibility among target market

Irrespective of thinking your business size, you surely do not want to ignore all these benefits. You can help your business stand out in the crowd by hiring the service of the top rated SEO Company on Yelp. You can even customize your plan according to your budget limit and particular requirements. Do not ever let your competitors overpower your online presence.

How to Find the Best Services

If you are not aware of the decisions involved in finding the right SEO and web design services, ask for guidance from a website expert Chicago companies  have to offer. Go through the following steps to hire best services.

  1. Define the purpose of website – The prime purposes should include improving promotions, marketing, and sales.
  2. Create a short list – You have to establish a criteria list for choosing SEO service within your budget. However, do not compromise the quality of work as online presence is an extension of your complete business.
  3. Research on current market costs–Get web marketing expert in Chicago to control the site keeping your budget, plans and availability in mind.
  4. Purchase services–Take the final call after you find the provider that suits your criteria. Online marketing requires constant awareness and proper measures to figure out the right plan. You must get ready for the whirlwind ride.

Chicago Website Design SEO Company is one of the top rated SEO Company on Yelp today. You will get all of your online marketing solutions under one roof. The USP of this company is the return on investment, real time reports, accessibility, world class quality service and more. Dominate the web world with the help of web design and SEO service of this reputable company.

For more information, just visit us at HTTP://CHICAGOWEBSITEDESIGNSEOCOMPANY.COM/

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Push your Business Forward with Computerlink Retail POS Systems

In business since 1979, Computerlink is undeniably rich in experience when it comes to point of sale software. The company has produced a wide variety of retail POS systems such as the cash register software for use in different businesses including coffee shops, News agencies and general retail stores. The company has greatly contributed to the modernisation of business operations thus enabling businesses to achieve efficiency, productivity and growth. If you are looking to streamline your inventory management, keep better track of customer orders or safely archive customer details, a retail POS system is your answer.
cash register software

Cash Register Software

Why Computerlink?
True, there are many other companies offering POS systems out there but Computerlink has various advantages that you can immensely enjoy.
  • Experience. With more than three decades’ worth of experience, Computerlink gives one a sense of safety knowing that they will be with you all the way. The company has professionals who know exactly what your business needs to grow.
  • Continued support and backup for customers even after purchase. Whether you need advice on how to operate a certain software, an upgrade on a certain system or a solution to a malfunction; the company is always available to help you out.
  • Its association with leading POS equipment manufacturers enables it to stay ahead in terms of POS technology. You don’t have to worry about certain POS software not being compatible with your device because of being outdated.
  • 24/7 customer support, optional online training and help in choosing the right software and installing it.
You may have to invest in good quality retail point of sale software but in the end it’s all worth it and the revenue you reap will be much more.
Software Features
There is so much you can accomplish with a good retail POS system from Computerlink. The Cash register software is just an example of the many features that you will get to enjoy and make use of. Other features include:
  1. Touch screen technology. The software is compatible with touch screen devices making it even easier and more cost effective to use.
  2. Integration of your Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Service (EFTPOS) with your Computerlink POS system. The need to enter sales details twice is thus eliminated making the bookkeeping process easier and more efficient. In addition errors are reduced or even eliminated.
  3. Customer order processing. You can easily process each customer’s order personally based on their details. The details are archived in the POS system and can be easily retrieved.
  4. Inventory management.
  5. Stock receipting.
  6. Purchase order management where viewing, altering and tracking of orders is made easy.
  7. Customer control where past and present customer details are safely recorded and archived.
  8. Daily and monthly financial reports that are crucial in decision making.
Point of sale systems such as the cash register software have proven to be a gold mine for businesses. With the help of Computerlink, you can turn your business around and start making some progress. Most importantly, you will be able to improve service delivery and serve your customers better and more efficiently.
Check out the company’s website for additional resources http://computerlink.com.au!
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Factors to Consider Before Volunteering Abroad

There is a special feeling and sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing that you are part of something good. This altruistic factor is one of the main reasons why many people choose volunteer work abroad.  There is a deep sense of idealism driving many young people to choose volunteer opportunities in many countries around the world. However, this must also be tempered with reason and appreciation of the reality on the ground. Before jumping into every volunteer opportunity to save the world, there are certain important factors that you must put into consideration.

volunteer work

These are particularly important for the anxious volunteers who are going out for the first time and are clueless about what to expect. While this uncertainty is part of the attraction of trying out something new, there are things that you cannot compromise such as your personal safety. Below are the important things to put into consideration before you head out to do some volunteer work abroad:

Do not compromise your safety

Volunteering in Iraq or Syria at the height of ISIS ascent and where many Westerners are a target is certainly not a smart idea.  Not every placement program is for everyone. Always put your safety and security first when choosing a volunteer work destination.

The Involvement Volunteers International based in Australia has a range of safe and high impact volunteer opportunities that aspiring volunteers can opt into. These are tailor-made to suit your interest and are fully-serviced. You can find teaching jobs, medical jobs, conservation programs, building communities and much more.

Once you pay a volunteer fee, the volunteer agency will handle all the other minute details of the program including choice of ethical experiences, expert advice for the duration of the volunteer program, visa assistance and even travel insurance.  The programs are quite varied. You can volunteer in Fiji, China, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand. There are also exciting Cambodia volunteering opportunities.

Keep track of the expiration date of your visa

A volunteer position is not a job. It is a short term stint that will expire and then you will be back to your erstwhile state (which drove you into the volunteering program in the first place!). When going into a volunteer position, it is therefore important to look for ways of leveraging this so that you can convert this into a meaningful career. You can network with business leaders and even non-profits working in the area you are volunteering in. This way, you can explore the areas where you can fit in once the volunteer program is complete.

Handle culture shock

It is possible that you are likely to see some extreme cases of poverty that might leave you dazed. Before heading into a volunteer program where you are likely to encounter extreme suffering or culture shock, it is important to do the legwork and learn about this beforehand. This way, you can prepare yourself to handle whatever the experiences will throw at you.

Be realistic about what can you do

Even the US President cannot single handedly change the world! Be realistic about what you can accomplish. It is important to regard your contribution as part of the many little contributions by others which make the world a better place.

Planning to make a difference in the world with a professional and uniquely tailored volunteer program? Check out the services offered by the Involvement Volunteers International at http://www.volunteering.org.au/and enlist into a responsible and professional volunteer program.

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Choosing the Best App Builders Melbourne Service

There are many reasons why we need to develop an app. Sometimes, an app may simply be necessary to serve a business need. A spark of an idea may hit our imagination in some instances, seeing the need to develop it into a fully functional app. Whatever reasons you may have, you must start from somewhere. But before choosing the right app builders Melbourne service, there are several factors you should put into consideration. For example, which app builders Melbourne experts would you work with? How much would it cost for you to hire a developer?

App Builders Melbourne

App Builders Melbourne

First off, you should take a look at the technology choices involved, evaluating merits and demerits of each of these choices. This gives you more leverage when negotiating with app developers Melbourne services, enabling you to make more informed choices for your app.

Second, when it comes to mobile software development, several technology options are available. There are also three main types of app that you can use: the native apps, the hybrid apps, and the web apps.

The Native Mobile Apps

This is the most common type of apps, probably what we have in mind when thinking about apps. The term “native” means that an app is specific to a single platform. The main platforms currently in use include the Apple iOS platform, the Google Android platform, the Windows Phone, and the Blackberry OS, although this has been declined over the recent years.

A native app’s most significant advantage is optimizing the user experience. It means that an app would run faster on its native platform, due to the fact that it is specific to a particular platform. However, native mobile apps have 2 major disadvantages. You cannot use it on more than one platform. You could also potentially leave out a significant market segment, which are not using a particular platform.

The Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid mobile apps, like native apps, are built for a particular platform. These can run on a web browser as well. Hybrid mobile apps are usually built using HTML5, the latest iteration of the HTML web technology. However, the main disadvantages of HTML5-based apps are being slow and quite unreliable.

Another thing is that native apps run more smoothly than hybrid mobile apps. With the advent of HTML5 two years ago, companies rushed to build hybrid mobile apps. They soon ditched them in favor of the more reliable native apps due to unreliability. On the bright side, hybrid cross-platform apps are useful if your primary reason for building an app is delivering content to users.

The Web Apps

There are several kinds of web apps that app builders Melbourne services can develop for you. These include the adaptive apps, the responsive apps, and the traditional apps.

Any website would fall under the category of traditional apps. Responsive apps adapt designs to suit unique screen resolution settings for diverse viewing devices. Adaptive apps does not change designs, but simply adapt to suit varied screen sizes.

For professional app development services in Melbourne, check out http://www.clouddownunder.com.au/mobile-apps-developer/related-articles/app-developers-melbourne/. The company has some of the most professional iPhone app developers Melbourne experts to help you realize your desired app. For additional details, call 1300 699 571.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Unified Data Storage

Organizations and businesses that do not adopt efficient data storage practices are likely to incur expenses in system capacity upgrades. However, even for companies with loads of capacity available, it is still possible to incur such expenses in cost and performance, just like other users with underutilized and mismanaged data storage design.

However, when you apply the right strategies towards unified data storage, you can improve your data storage efficiency to the next level and give your administrators easy time.

Why you need unified approach to data storage

In data storage communities, the conversation about unified approach often takes toll. As its name suggests, unified storage gives you and your administrators easy time to manage your data files and other applications that are stored in different formats from a single server or system. This type of design comes with several benefits, which include the following:

It is simple: this quality is obvious but quite compelling. For instance, instead of managing your data center dynamics individually, it is better to develop a unified approach where administrators can operate everything from one centralized point. This in turn leads to efficiency and saves time required to handle multiple systems. Besides, it leads to faster service as everything is controlled from one point.

It is flexible: organizations and businesses engaged in data center services should not ignore the benefits that come with flexibility of a unified storage. Instead of being confined to a single technology, users can work with a bock system that utilizes a file-based device that they can access any time.

It leads to better utilization: research reveals that many companies lose a greater percentage of their data capacity due to lack of efficient storage. However, with a unified approach to storage, users can maximize their capacity storage by getting support from across all unified sources. In the end, users do not need to worry about extra expenses on block storage, as they will spend less with unified approach. More source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_storage.

If you are company or organization with a data center to monitor all your practices, it is important look for relevant information before you can hire any company that claims to be specialized in data center services.

What is a data center?

A data center is an IT service depot that takes care of all your business operation. The main purpose behind installing a data center is to provide companies with constant energy supply that cannot affect their business operations.

Data centers run 24 hours and therefore they consume a lot of energy. For that reason, designers of such structures should have adequate skills that may lead to better energy consumption. Energy consumption starts with designing the structure in a way that will help users save money.

Finally yet importantly, adopting unified approach in data storage can lead to many benefits as outline above. Vendor support helps users implement the approach altogether. Besides, getting adequate and up to date information from various sources both online and offline to ensure it has no flaws.

If you want to know better about data center services, visit http://www.datacenterjournal.com/.

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