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Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Correct LED strip light

LED strip lights have slowly risen in popularity, besting fluorescent tubes and even incandescent ribbons. These strip lights have become the LED product of choice for both residential and commercial users because of their functionality and aesthetics. However, with more and more LED strip light brands entering the market, it’s hard to choose which one suits your home or establishment the best. Here is a basic guide for first-time buyers that will hopefully aid you in choosing the right one.


The first question you have to ask yourself is, “What will I use the LED strip lights for?”. If it’s for your home, then an LED strip light with low carrying capacity is enough. These are not overly bright, but it will to its job of illuminating a room just fine. Since these are not heavy duty, they don’t consume much energy, meaning lower electricity bills.

If it’s for a business establishment, then buy LED strip lights according to your budget. If your business can bear the extra utility costs, spending money on high quality, heavy-duty LED strip lights. Because these lights are versatile, you can place them on the sides of a counter or on the stairs. Some businesses even use strip lights for their advertisements because of its flexibility. These strip lights can come in different colors as well.

When it comes to purpose, you should also determine whether these LED strip lights will be used as a secondary lighting source or as the primary one. For many years, many business establishments have been using LED strip light decorations to add a bit of pizzazz. You see these often in bars, hotels, restaurants and malls. However, with today’s technology, it’s now possible to manufacture strip lights with enough power to act as a primary light source.

Size of the Room

Of course, the area you want to illuminate plays a huge part in what type of LED strip light you choose. As mentioned, newer strip lights are powerful enough to properly illuminate a room the same way traditional fluorescent bulbs do. Smaller rooms can get away with more affordable, older models while large rooms may need newer models that possess high carrying capacities. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide read more

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Why Your DIY Electrical Work is Illegal

When faced with certain electrical emergencies, many residents of Adelaide are likely to resort to DIY electrical work in resolving the problem instead of hiring an emergency electrician in Adelaide. There are many risks involved in DIY electrical work. There are the practical risks such as electrocution, burns or even hazardous electrical standards that you could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Then there are the legal and insurance risks. By doing DIY electrical work without any electrical qualifications or licensing, you are actually breaking the law.  Additionally, insurance companies are unlikely to pay you compensation if they determine that you did the electrical work yourself or hire an unqualified and unlicensed “electrician” who did the job without even issuing a compliance certificate.

What the law says

Australian law is quite clear that all electrical work must be handled by a qualified and licensed electrician. If you are dealing with electrical emergencies, you have to hire an emergency electrician in Adelaide to do the job.  Australian law is generally quite tough on DIYers as well as amateurs and you are likely to pay very heavy fines. Generally, you are not supposed to handle any job that goes beyond changing the bulbs.

In most Australian states and territories, the requirement is that homeowners must get a compliance certificate every time electrical work is performed in their homes by tradies.  This certificate will serve as a guarantee that the emergency electrician in Adelaide has performed the task in compliance with Australian standards. That means that if there is any defective work performed by the electrician, you are adequately covered.

In some Australian states, an electrical license is required for pretty much for all kinds of electrical wiring work on your premises, whether residential, commercial or industrial. This is a requirement regardless of the scope or cost of the work. In certain states such as Queensland, a person can face up two years in jail or pay a fine of up to $100,000 if they perform an illegal electrical work that results in death or any serious injuries. If illegal electrical work results in multiple deaths, the fine is $200,000 or up to 3 years in prison. read more

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The Top Three Functions of Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors handle several kinds of tasks for any project in a home. A simple job can be handled with only one visit, as oftentimes happens with a residential service call. However, a more challenging task might need substantial supplies to be obtained and for the work to be completed or rescheduled to another day altogether. Electrical contractors Brisbane offers can carry out a survey of needs for a particular project and recommend an appropriate action. The most popular requests for work which electricians receive are explained below.

electrical contractors Brisbane

Projects of Renovation and Remodelling

Electrical work is involved oftentimes, whether carrying out extensive renovation of an older residence or simply performing improvement of a modern home. Converting a bedroom into home office qualifies as a remodelling job. Tasks such as this might involve conducting upgrades like replacing an outdated or unsafe wiring to introducing entirely new fixtures into a building. Older homes were normally constructed using few electrical outlets. As such, it might be necessary creating more outlets when remodelling a particular house. Electrical contractors in Brisbane are capable of handling this task well.

Residential Services for Owners of Homes

Homeowners eventually require performing certain kinds of electrical maintenance in their homes. It could be maintaining internal or outdoor lighting, simply installing new chandeliers and ceiling fans or even installation of new lights within the walkway along with other outdoor accent lights. Brisbane electrical contractors can perform such tasks in expedited manner.

Upgrade of electrical panels is yet another common residential service which homeowners require handled. Older panels are unable to handle the power which modern homes need and lack the space necessary for adding extra circuits. The only option in such cases for the electrical contractors Brisbane avails is installing a new and upgraded panel.

Natural disasters at times damage wiring or fixtures when they occur. It is vital especially for the homeowner to take proper precautions of safety following such a disaster and seek for professional assistance.    Check out read more

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Benefits of Regular Servicing of the Printers and Photocopiers

When it comes to printing and photocopying needs, whether for personal or business reasons, no client should compromise on the quality of the printing output. In a bid to save costs, many users buy refill cartridges that are not branded. This can be tricky since there might be savings in expenses. But the low quality ink could damage the printer or give substandard printouts, which may not be good for the image of the company. The same also happens in the case of photocopiers. Hence, there should be a genuine service provider in place for photocopier repairs. What should one look for in such a vendor?

Photocopier repairs

Office equipment need regular servicing

For the smooth functioning of any office, printers and copiers are an integral part of the inventory. The staff uses them almost daily. Not everyone uses them with proper care. Hence, a technician needs to be on standby to ensure that they do not stop just when crucial documents need to be copied or printed. There should be a service provider for photocopier repairs close by or a vendor who will send someone immediately to check what has gone wrong.

Why has the paper got stuck or is the ink cartridge out of ink? When you let the professionals do the job of photocopier repairs, they will do it skillfully. They handle multiple brands and know how to handle the problem areas. In case the machines are damaged, they can also take them to the workshop and do the repairs. However, it is best to choose a professional vendor who can handle different models and brands of printers and copiers.

Service and maintenance policy

Any professional vendor will have a contract signed for the year. This is economical for individuals and offices. One should read the terms and conditions well to understand how they will do the photocopier repairs and how much they will charge. Will there be any add on services or charges if the machine is taken to the workshop?  This is an important printers services requirement. Both client and service provider need to mutually discuss in detail all about the service and maintenance policies. read more

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Protect Your Electrical Assets with Professional Partial Discharge Monitoring

Electrical power plays a very crucial role in our lives and also powers critical commercial and industrial processes. But when not used properly, electrical power can also be a potential hazard. While the electrical usage in our homes is not very heavy, many factories consume quite a lot of electricity for their operations. The usage of high voltage appliances and assets is commonplace for many factories especially when considering mining companies and metal smelters. The financial implication of any downtime resulting from interruption in electricity supply is very significant and therefore it is very important that there are few downtimes. One common thing about the high voltage assets is their inclination to partial discharge. These assets have to undergo constant and regular partial discharge monitoring to ensure that the assets are maintained in good condition and their insulation is intact.

partial discharge monitoring

partial discharge monitoring

Any partial discharge on these high voltage assets could cause serious damage to property and lives in addition to the economic impact of the downtime. It is for this reason that it is important that a company acquires PD testing switchgear. The partial discharge testing switchgear is important for partial discharge testing and analysis that is critical in identifying areas of weakness.

The assumption here is that the company has the internal capacity and competencies to conduct partial testing and analysis using their staff. While internal testing by own staff has the advantage of being economical in addition to the fact that the staff are well aware of the functioning and mechanics behind the high voltage assets, the disadvantage is that the staffs might not have the expert knowledge that outsourced firms possess.

For companies that are not able to conduct partial testing or partial discharge monitoring on their own, they can engage external firms that have the knowledge, expertise and technological capacity to carry out partial discharge testing and analysis.cognizant of the critical role of PD testing and analysis, companies need to be very careful when choosing the external company to do their testing. This is because there are dangerous electrical appliances involves and any tripping or mistake could cause huge losses of property including loss of life. read more

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