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Push your Business Forward with Computerlink Retail POS Systems

In business since 1979, Computerlink is undeniably rich in experience when it comes to point of sale software. The company has produced a wide variety of retail POS systems such as the cash register software for use in different businesses including coffee shops, News agencies and general retail stores. The company has greatly contributed to the modernisation of business operations thus enabling businesses to achieve efficiency, productivity and growth. If you are looking to streamline your inventory management, keep better track of customer orders or safely archive customer details, a retail POS system is your answer.
cash register software

Cash Register Software

Why Computerlink? True, there are many other companies offering POS systems out there but Computerlink has various advantages that you can immensely enjoy.
  • Experience. With more than three decades’ worth of experience, Computerlink gives one a sense of safety knowing that they will be with you all the way. The company has professionals who know exactly what your business needs to grow.
  • Continued support and backup for customers even after purchase. Whether you need advice on how to operate a certain software, an upgrade on a certain system or a solution to a malfunction; the company is always available to help you out.
  • Its association with leading POS equipment manufacturers enables it to stay ahead in terms of POS technology. You don’t have to worry about certain POS software not being compatible with your device because of being outdated.
  • 24/7 customer support, optional online training and help in choosing the right software and installing it.
You may have to invest in good quality retail point of sale software but in the end it’s all worth it and the revenue you reap will be much more. Software Features There is so much you can accomplish with a good retail POS system from Computerlink. The Cash register software is just an example of the many features that you will get to enjoy and make use of. Other features include:
  1. Touch screen technology. The software is compatible with touch screen devices making it even easier and more cost effective to use.
  2. Integration of your Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Service (EFTPOS) with your Computerlink POS system. The need to enter sales details twice is thus eliminated making the bookkeeping process easier and more efficient. In addition errors are reduced or even eliminated.
  3. Customer order processing. You can easily process each customer’s order personally based on their details. The details are archived in the POS system and can be easily retrieved.
  4. Inventory management.
  5. Stock receipting.
  6. Purchase order management where viewing, altering and tracking of orders is made easy.
  7. Customer control where past and present customer details are safely recorded and archived.
  8. Daily and monthly financial reports that are crucial in decision making.
Point of sale systems such as the cash register software have proven to be a gold mine for businesses. With the help of Computerlink, you can turn your business around and start making some progress. Most importantly, you will be able to improve service delivery and serve your customers better and more efficiently. Check out the company’s website for additional resources!
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Choosing the Best App Builders Melbourne Service

There are many reasons why we need to develop an app. Sometimes, an app may simply be necessary to serve a business need. A spark of an idea may hit our imagination in some instances, seeing the need to develop it into a fully functional app. Whatever reasons you may have, you must start from somewhere. But before choosing the right app builders Melbourne service, there are several factors you should put into consideration. For example, which app builders Melbourne experts would you work with? How much would it cost for you to hire a developer?

App Builders Melbourne

App Builders Melbourne

First off, you should take a look at the technology choices involved, evaluating merits and demerits of each of these choices. This gives you more leverage when negotiating with app developers Melbourne services, enabling you to make more informed choices for your app.

Second, when it comes to mobile software development, several technology options are available. There are also three main types of app that you can use: the native apps, the hybrid apps, and the web apps.

The Native Mobile Apps

This is the most common type of apps, probably what we have in mind when thinking about apps. The term “native” means that an app is specific to a single platform. The main platforms currently in use include the Apple iOS platform, the Google Android platform, the Windows Phone, and the Blackberry OS, although this has been declined over the recent years.

A native app’s most significant advantage is optimizing the user experience. It means that an app would run faster on its native platform, due to the fact that it is specific to a particular platform. However, native mobile apps have 2 major disadvantages. You cannot use it on more than one platform. You could also potentially leave out a significant market segment, which are not using a particular platform.

The Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid mobile apps, like native apps, are built for a particular platform. These can run on a web browser as well. Hybrid mobile apps are usually built using HTML5, the latest iteration of the HTML web technology. However, the main disadvantages of HTML5-based apps are being slow and quite unreliable. read more

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Enjoy the power of experienced Magento developers in Leicester for B2B or B2C

There are many start-ups who need professional websites to make them sound professional and also reliable. Obviously, they need the right service providers who can design, create the solutions and work on the latest platforms such as Magento. If you live in Leicester and need such services, then you need to find the right vendors as competition is fierce. The companies that offer services of website design in Leicester are doing brisk business and providing customized solutions and development services along with e-commerce platforms. Many businesses have gained from their experienced designers, who are able to build or update a website according to customer’s requirements. With the development of new digital platforms, the need for developers who understand new enterprises are preferred over traditional service providers.

website design in Leicester2

website design in leicester

Ability to thrive online

A website design should be able to talk or really ‘communicate’ exactly what the seller wishes in the simplest possible way. The navigation should not be complex to deal with while buying the products or services. Furthermore, it is not necessary that one needs a large vendor to design. Small boutique companies who have designers that know how to work on the ecommerce platform are essential. This is one essential tip that must be kept in mind while choosing a provider for website design in Leicester.

A good design gives confidence to the buyer and allows him to buy the products and services from the user-friendly portal. This is very important for B2B and B2C companies doing business on the Internet. Customers can even look for the latest platforms to sell online – the Magento way. It is the latest digital platform that gives an edge to online vendors. The uses of Demandware and Hybris have become better alternatives. But if a customer still needs the services that Magento Leicester experts provide, then one can easily get ideas to add the benefits of digital platform to the business. This method helps one to survive the competition and thrive online. read more

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Why Approach an Application Development Company?

Without the help of an application development company, it is not possible to have innovative and creative applications that can make the tasks easier.

How to maintain applications online?

If you think that development of applications is the only job of an application development company, then you are completely wrong. Maintenance of applications is another important task that they perform for all their clients. They offer such services so that the productivity levels of the company can be maintained consistently at all times. In fact, the applications can be improved to a great extent because of such companies. Because of this optimum usage of applications can be made for various purposes.

application development company

Long-term maintenance is highly needed for maintaining the productivity level of the applications so that the users can thoroughly enjoy using them. There are some basic maintenance tips that are followed by the experts so that the applications can be maintained in the long run. Some of the maintenance tips are as follows:

·         The application needs to be revised from time to time so that improved features or characteristics can be effectively added.

·         More and more intricate research needs to be performed, so that the applications remain up-to-date at all times.

·         The applications should be updated with the necessary changes frequently so that you can use it properly. Furthermore, with every update, the application becomes improvised, which further improves the user experience.

·         The defects or flaws of the applications need to be detected in order to increase their productivity, which can be easily done with the help of any software or online based tools.

Special tips for hiring the best company for application development

Only an experienced and a well-reputed application development company can help the users to get high quality and improved applications. Also, there are many things that need to be looked into before selecting any company for application development. Some of these are as follows: read more

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