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The Benefits of Implementing SCADA Systems

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions. SCADA services are used in monitoring and control of plants and equipment from a central location. It operates via coded signals from data or electrical communication channels in order to affect the control of the remote equipment.


The SCADA services are quite popular in the manufacturing industry as they help in reducing the operational costs of plants. It is one of the best ways to optimize the production processes. Implementing this will rapidly increase the performance of your plant and thus give you a competitive edge in your niche. When managers and line supervisors are trained in SCADA, they will be able to view and communicate more effectively, thanks to the simplified graphical representation of the production processes.

Manufacturing companies that adopt the advanced automation technology enabled through SCADA services will also be to unlock numerous other advantages for their companies. These include the following:

·         They have a good and data-backed knowledge on the equipment performance. As a result, they are able to make interventions in order to increase the equipment lifespan.

·         Because of the ease of troubleshooting problems in the production line which is enabled by SCADA, companies can see a reduction in their labor costs and thus in the overall cost of production.

·         The companies which adopt the SCADA services can see an increase in the level of compliance with the various regulatory requirements. The SCADA systems generate automatic reporting which you can study and follow through in order to ensure a maximum level of compliance with various requirements.

·         You do not need a large capital outlay in order for you to implement SCADA in your operations.

·         SCADA is deployed by many automation companies in order to give users access to real-time data on various elements including data display, trending, alarming as well as accurate reporting from remote locations for your plants and processes. read more

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How to cut the accounts payable associated costs and make AP more efficient?

Many companies tend to view the AP or account payable process as the cost centre that keeps adding up without rendering any business value. AP refers to the recurring cost centre that keeps growing proportionally and so businesses are striving hard to chalk out ways of cutting the associated costs while making the accounts payable more efficient. The answer to the concern is AP automation and integration. With the automation, you can do away with the manual work of AP which involves sorting, data entry, exceptions, approvals, mailing, reporting and again followed by data entry. Trimming the AP costs is now possible where you also tend to eliminate the redundant and manual steps to get rid of the paperwork wherever involved.

What are the benefits of AP automation?

By making use of high speed data capture solution to collect and deliver the information on incoming invoice, businesses can reduce the accounts processing by days. It will make the matters such as lost invoices, late payment fees and duplicate payments a matter of the past. All the benefits of AP automation can be translated into real savings that can help in offsetting any initial investment. When you talk about its benefits, it goes far beyond the cost savings. Businesses can save plenty of time in the accounts payable process, since the high speed automation system can process 120 invoices at a time when the clerk can input one. Then, with a few keystrokes, the clerk can recall the invoice in the system with the purchase orders. Under the automated environment, things can be done really very fast. Invoices get scanned in batches with the software, which tends to learn sorting out distinct forms over time.

The software indexes each invoice with too many data points for convenient and easy recall. Priority invoices get moved to the head of the line automatically. Those invoices that bear irregularities are pulled for final reviews before the payment is made. So, there is no chance of errors related to the manual data entry. read more

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